We will try and listen.


I have been threw so many break ups these year and I am tired of being alone. I have lost the people I trust the most. I am dealing with a lot of legal issues rn and I am so stressed. My self harm has spiked in the last weeks. Every one around doesn’t see it. I am just done :D



My great aunt and uncle both died. I was close to them so it hit kinda hard. I'm also swamped in school work right now. I'm failing both of my classes, and my parents are very angry with me. I lost all my friends because I was talking s**t about this girl I hate, and all of my supposed friends took her side, which I deserve I guess. I have Seasonal Depression which I think is getting more serious. I can't ask for help because people either don't believe me, or don't care. My best friend has ghosted me, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure to be perfect. I miss being young, where the only thing I cared about was eating crayons and touching sharp things. I am a competitive swimmer, and our facilities are shut down because of covid. I am worried that I will never be as good as I was before the Pandemic. Overall, right now is not a great point in my life.


The Super BumbleBee
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2 months ago

Think on what gandalf said. Gandalf: End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path... One that we all must take. You should try and study one subject at a time, don't talk smack about people you hate, you don't deserve this. ask a therapist for help, my friends not talking to me but just wait it out. You dont need to be perfect. Get a backyard pool if you can afford it, you aren't bad now. This is just a disaster, not perfectness.


I play Tomodachi life, and I am getting hated for it. I feel like I am now the only girl in the world who plays Tomodachi Life. Is the universe saying 'no' to me?


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1 month ago

I think it is cool that you play the games you like even if a lot of girls don't play it. You should continue playing what makes you happy. The universe tends to sat no a lot, but we need to learn how to say: sorry universe, I'm gonna do what I want!