Recently, there has been a lot of discussion and controversy about mask usage. It is crucial for the right people to wear masks if we are to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. The good news is, if everyone does this, we can prevent the spread of other infectious diseases as well!

The coronavirus comic in my previous post is missing some other precautions from WHO, which some astute commenters have pointed out. I’m planning to create a new one that includes the latest recommendations from WHO and have started getting all my coronavirus and COVID-19-related comics vetted by doctors.

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The fact that my simple comic covering the basic aspects of keeping safe from the coronavirus has gone viral has made me realize there is a large gap in risk communication to the public when an epidemic strikes.

That is why I’ve chosen to continue fighting misinformation by publishing more COVID-19 “health advisory” comics. It is essential that the public is aware of basic facts on COVID-19 and understands their government’s strategy to combat it within their countries. I hope these free comics will be able to cut through the misinformation and educate communities in countries with weak health systems, as well as countries in conflict or poor governance, because they are the least likely to have access to credible sources of information. Misinformation about diseases is dangerous to one’s self and society at large.

Thanks go to doctors Kenneth Tan Kian Wee and Ariel Quahe for their advice and help in understanding the topic better. Any errors are mine.


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