Most babies are born with fine thin hair, but some sport a bald look or even a head full of hair, as is the case with Boston – a baby boy born in December 2018. Just four months old, this little boy from Australia is conquering social media users with a luxurious hairstyle.

Tara Simich, a mother of two, says that her second son’s huge mop of hair causes quite a stir wherever he goes, most people are completely bewildered by it. “Mostly people are in complete shock because he’s so little, they can’t believe the hair is his. But it is.”

Boston was born with thick, bulky hair – just like his father, Tara wrote on her Instagram account.

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“Welcome to the family little man. Boston Marin Simich arrived after a quick labour on 4-12-18 at 10:30am weighing a nice 3.8kg with hair exactly like Dad’s” – the proud mother wrote.

Tara is a mother of two who runs a fitness program called Jungle Body. On her Instagram account, she often posts photos of both Boston and his older brother Jagger.

Fun fact: did you know that there’s an old wife’s tale according to which a heartburn during pregnancy is a sure sign of a hairy baby? Moms-to-be are often even encouraged to eat dozen of pineapples – a heartburn-relieving fruit.

While a fistful of hair for a newborn might be a tad bit unusual for some, there are babies born with a thin layer of hair covering their little bodies. In fact, it’s not uncommon. That soft thin hair is called lanugo (pronounced “la-NOO-go”). It’s produced by fetal hair follicles during the second trimester and keeps a baby warm inside the womb. Many babies lose their lanugo in utero (around 32 to 36 weeks), where it’s shed into the amniotic fluid. Other babies, particularly preemies, are born with their lanugo, which usually falls out within the first few weeks, and is replaced by vellus hair, which is finer and harder to see.