Living for 6 years together in Norway, being active travellers, Neringa and Zigmantas had planned trip to the mountains — visit Kjerag rock stuck between mountains. Only Zigmantas plan was a little different from just climbing up to the famous place. He carried the engagement ring in his pocket and planned to propose to his girlfriend Neringa. At that time, in the middle of the journey, the weather suddenly got worse, sky became overcast, the wind had risen, started to rain. But they did not stop and continued their journey. At the time they reached the place they were both wet and cold and the wind was blowing strong. Zigmantas climbed up on a rock Kjerag, and under his feet it was almost a kilometer depth of the chasm… He was about to propose and certainly asked Neringa to climb on rock next to him. That was the plan to propose romantically on the rock, where the whole world is under your feet … Unfortunately, Neringa refused such a romantic thought (of course, she was not aware of what to expect) and disagreed to join Zigmantas. Nothing left but just to step down and propose on the nearby spectacular cliff. Only then Neringa understood what was on Zigmantas mind and promised to come back to this place and climb on the rock already as Zigmantas wife.

When we heard this story – says – we agreed in a second to make this moment memorable in great pictures. After all, it will probably be the first time bride climbed on Kjerag rock! And how much meaningfull it will be for both of them! So, we decided to repeat the whole story.

When we arrived in Norway, the weather forecast was incredibly good that day. We thought that a trip to the rock will be an easy walk, but unfortunately, we were wrong. We have never climbed mountains so hard before, though we workout quite intense, but it was a real challenge, considering the fact of a strong wind that day. After 3 hour climbing, we reached the destination. We had about one hour for photoshoot so we could return before it gets dark. These mountains were something unreal, majestic and magical to us! The view was really worth all the effort! But what Neringa did — is incredible and incomparable! She climbed on the rock bunch of times, because we waited for the sun to occasionally go through a cloud. Gusty wind complicated everything, but she did it. We are very proud of the bride Neringa! It was perfect! We had a beautiful photoshoot with a wedding dress to revive the memories they created on a special day…

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