If there’s one thing that Game Of Thrones probably doesn’t need, it’s more publicity. The world’s biggest television series is nearing its finale and people can’t stop talking about it, everyone knows what it is already! Even those of us who don’t care can’t help but catch the gossip at work, on the street, or among friends.

So while HBO don’t have to resort to publicity stunts to create a buzz, if they are going to anyway, they may as well make it a good one. With this epic, global scavenger hunt to delight the traveler in all of us, you gotta say they have succeeded!

Image credits: GameOfThrones

Throne of the forest, United Kingdom

Throne of Valyria, Brazil

Throne of joy, Spain

Throne of the North, Sweden

Throne of ice, unknown

There’s also a mystery throne that will be revealed once someone finds the “Throne of ice”

Because if there’s one thing we all love, it’s searching for something. From Easter Egg hunts to those Monopoly things they used to have at Mcdonald’s, nothing gets people more excited than a game of hide and seek. HBO decided to take the concept to the extreme by scattering 6 iron thrones in secret locations around the world, offering tantalizing clues in hour-long, 360-degree videos of their locations. One is in a forest, another appears to be in a desert somewhere. There are also a couple in icy locations, with very few landmarks around which could help to identify the area. Imagine stumbling across one, without knowledge of the show or any context?

So far, four thrones have been found; In Sweden, Spain, Brazil and the UK. That leaves two still out there somewhere, including one of the icy ones. Some people think it’s somewhere in Canada, but my guess is Iceland.

People are sharing pics of the thrones they found

Image credits: HBOnordic