Fans of Japanese anime movies will instantly recognize the inspiration found in these beautiful paintings by Louise Terrier.

The French artist, painter, and sculptor takes well-known anime characters from Studio Ghibli (the animation house behind such famous anime films as My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Bakery) and adds her own creative flair to some of the most beloved heroes. The Annecy-based Miyazaki fan says she’s scribbled since the day her parents put a pencil in her hands, and as she writes on her Facebook page, “When people ask me: where do those creative ideas come from? I would say I don’t know! But it’s just a part of me, like my nose in the middle of my face! Even though my studies take the most part of my time, the pleasure of watercolor paintings never leaves me.” We’re very glad to hear that!

Now scroll down below and check the beautiful fan art dedicated to the most popular anime movies from Studio Ghibli!

More info: Louise Terrier | Facebook | Tumblr