The spooky season is almost upon us and as pumpkin spice lattes and uggs roll in, so will plastic skeletons and all things haunted and before we know it, Halloween moods will rise to maximum levels. And while it’s the perfect time to start planning out the festivities and work on your scariest costume, we shouldn’t forget our furry friends who might secretly have a spot for spooky scary skeletons and shivers down their spines.

One of the most perfect ways to put your cat in the Halloween mood without putting them into uncomfortable outfits (that they most likely aren’t very big fans of) is to get them something spooky to party in! And Target has something just like that to offer.

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These haunted cat houses are a perfect treat for a cat (or other small critter) and are here just in time for Halloween

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Target is currently selling a Haunted Mansion Cat Scratcher, that combines a cat’s favorite thing in the world – a cardboard box – with black and orange Halloween elements of a scary house riddled with cobwebs and ghosts.

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The item costs $16.99 and weighs 3.34 pounds (1.5 kg), comes with a two-floor design that includes a perch pad up top and features a scratcher floor on both levels for “endless entertainment”.

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Image credits: beverlyhillssphynx

If you have more worries than just the assembly of this house (which, by the way, is pretty easy!) and have a larger kitty that you fear might crush the cardboard structure, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Some customers have already reported that the top floor can handle a cat that weighs 17lbs (7.7 kg) with ease.

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So, if you find yourself interested in “spookifying” your house and providing your critter a new place to play around, then this design might be just for you.

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You can watch the haunted house in action in the video below


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