My photography journey has started almost 6 years ago. I have found this photography path simply by becoming a mother myself. I believe that happiness has many faces, and becoming a mother was one of them for me. Mother’s love is the most powerful thing in life keeping us to go forward. Later on, they grow up and become parents ourselves. But everything starts at the early stage of a childhood, where unconditional mother’s love is everything. When you set priorities and personalities of becoming yourself.

I know it has been done before me. And there are so many photographers capturing maternity, breastfeeding or family images. But this is life. It is the embracement of life. Embracing it from the day it starts. I am not exceptional. I believe that if you feel the fire within you to create beautiful thoughtful images of mothers with babies - it’s already a gift. Gift not only for them but to yourself as well. You’re making memories for them to treasure forever. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happiness Has Many Faces, What Your Happiness Looks Like?


Adrijana Radosevic
Community Member
4 years ago

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I suppose I'm the only one who finds this absolutely disgusting, but... I find it disgusting.

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