This is my complete Visual Development project for Hansel & Gretel!

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I love this project and will continue to develop it!
I was inspired to do this project when I found the old Golden Book at a used book sale. The cottage made of candy is was first grabbed me, then realizing the Witch herself could be made of candy along with everything else in the world she has created. I wanted Hansel and Gretel to feel like relocatable kids with spunky personalities who would give this witch a run for her money.

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The Candy Witch

She may look sweet, but she is one rotten witch. The Candy Witch is wearing a Dots trimmed skirt, peppermint shoes/necklace, a sprinkle covered apron, with hair made of cotton candy.


Gretel is tough kid and is very skeptical when they are greeted by the Candy Witch.


Hansel loves a good accessory and is thrilled to be decked out by the Candy Witch.

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Gretel – Costume Design

Gretel’s dress is covered in sugary lemon drops with a macaroon trimmed skirt, a sucker hair clip, and skittle covered shoes.

Hansel – Costume Design

Hansel is wearing a peppermint broach, liquorish shoelaces, and a taffy wrapper bow-tie.

Candy Witch Sketches

These sketches show the transformation of the witch when she is full and when she is withering away from starvation. I also gave her Gummy Worm Minions.

Prop Designs

Peppermint chair, hair-styling whisk, rock candy scissors, and a cupcake/liquorish and macaroon chandelier.

The Candy Cottage

I’ve tried to add as much detail as possible, from the liquorish and cotton candy trees, to the frosting roof, waffle cone walls, gum drop garden, peppermint walkway, cake pop decoration, macaroon door frame, and the frosted pretzel window.

Poster Design

Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” like a child-eating witch with this Hansel & Gretel inspired Valentine’s Day poster!