Maša Kores is a singular girl. She lives in Slovenia, a small country wedged between Italy and Croatia on the Adriatic coast. She likes taking photographs.
She takes photos of abandoned buildings all over the Europe, but she also started a funny project in 2008 – Handstands all over the world.
She likes to exercise, she likes to walk a lot, she likes to roller-blade and ice-skate (in winter) and most of all she likes handstands :))
So, she decided to capture them everywhere she goes..
So, you can see handstand in water, in morgue, in abandoned hospital, in church, on the bale of hay, her dressed as fireman, etc.. for more interesting photos check her Facebook profile :)

More info: Facebook

Handstand in abandoned courthouse

Radar handstand

Symmetric Handstand

Handstand in circle

Craaaack Handstand

Dreamer handstand

Playground handstand

Luxemburg handstand

Panties Handstand ;)

Handstand on ferry

Handstand in abandoned chapel

Handstand in abandoned university

Handstand in abandoned workshop

Handstand on the beach

Handstand on the shore

Handstand in abandoned morgue

Handstand on the bale of hay

Handstand in sea

Handstand in theme park

Handstand in Netherlands

Handstand in abandoned monastery

Handstand in the crypt

Handstand on the beach

Handstand in abandoned water park

Handstand in abandoned church

Handstand on the Belgium coast

Handstand as fireman.. firegirl :)

Handstand in ZOO

Handstand in waterslide

Handstand on the roof of building

Summer handstand

Handstand in abandoned theatre

Handstand in Beograde

Handstand in London

Handstand in abandoned casino

Silhouette Handstand

Industrial Handstand

Handstand on the festival

Handstand in abandoned hotel

Oriental Handstand