When Berlin Police officers in Germany received a call this week from a local hospital, they were surprised they were asked to save a… hamster! Apparently, the critter was lost or abandoned. The poor little fellow would cower alone in a nearby bush, so the hospital staff decided to call for help. Fortunately, the police officers took the mission of saving the hamster seriously, and came to the rescue.

“A police patrol found him and named him spontaneously Sir Henry,” a spokesperson for the Berlin Police told The Dodo. “They put him in an empty box (usually made for clinic-gloves) and took him to the police station.”

There, Sir Henry was introduced to police equipment, and the hamster seemed to absolutely love it. Then, he was taken to the animal shelter – but the policemen didn’t want to say ‘goodbye’ to him. “The next day, one of our police officers appeared at the animal shelter and adopted him as a new family member,” the police spokesperson said.

“Let’s say he has been also warmly welcomed as a part of the whole ‘family’ of the Berlin Police department.”

More info: Berlin Police | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

Police received a call from a local hospital and got surprised they were asked to save an abandoned hamster

Image credits: Polizei Berlin‏

Apparently, the critter would cower alone in a nearby bush and needed help

Image credits: Polizei Berlin‏

They named him Sir Henry and took him to the police station where he immediately felt at home

Image credits: Polizei Berlin‏

One of the policemen adopted the tiny fellow and now he is part of the Berlin Police team!

Image credits: Polizei Berlin‏

Someone even did a drawing of the cutest addition to Berlin Police inspired by the story

Image credits: Hanyuu