Summers are great! You can soak in the lake all day and then fall asleep rocking back and forth in a hammock. Now forget about summers – you can do this all year round with this unique bathtub by Splinter Works. In their own words, “Vessel” provides “the ultimate vehicle for total escapism” and turns your bathroom into “contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation.”

Designed in a manner of a floating hammock, this bathtub is suspended from the walls and fixed with stainless steel brackets. Smooth curves disguise the inherent strength of carbon fiber under which lies a foam core, allowing the bath to stay hot for a considerably longer period of time.

“Vessel” is designed to be used in a wet room, so it is filled by a tap from the floor and releases the waste water through the floor drain. Nevertheless, a down pipe drain can also be installed. This sculptural tub also comes in custom sizes (the regular being 2.7 meters long) and in a variety of colors: red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.