One airline in China has just elevated their dress code to new heights by providing their crew members with stylish haute couture work uniforms that seem to be taken straight out of a fashion magazine cover.

Hainan Airlines have collaborated with designer Laurence Xu who introduced the new beautiful dresses and tailored coats at the Paris Couture Week. Inspired by the ‘Cheongsam,’ a traditional Chinese dress, the flight attendant uniform features a blend between the modern Western-style clothes design and traditional Chinese art elements like cloud drawings, waves and even the Chinese mythical bird – the Roc.

“The cooperation between the airlines and Lawrence Xu is industry leading. We are not only creating a new Hainan Airlines uniform but also showing the internationalized image of our business. Especially on international routes, we would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy,” said Xu Fei, brand director of Hainan Airlines.

Men’s version of the designer clothes is a bit less extravagant and Western-looking, with double-breasted overcoats and smaller elements of the traditional Chinese culture.

(h/t: demilked)