85% percent of women in the US  experience street harassment before the age of 17, according to this research from a non-profit organization. The shocking numbers reveal that the harassment on streets is profound and yet, it’s still commonly normalized in our society.

Many offenders see ‘catcalling,’ a most widespread form of street harassment, as a joke or a compliment but in reality, the damage girls and women experience last for years, and even a lifetime.

So this story posted on r/AITA sheds a light on staying reactive and assertive when witnessing someone harassed on the streets. The incident happened when an author was driving his group of friends home after a workout. As the group passed the girls walking, “one of my friends rolls down his window” and drops a nasty comment to the girls like it was no big deal.

The author immediately got angry and kicked the dude out of his car. But the remaining friends in the car were not so supportive of such a decision.

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