All Year Long With An Indoor Garden

Get started with indoor gardening this fall, and don’t let the cold weather stop you from growing your favorite herbs!

How to Grow an Indoor Garden

Gardening Benefits

There are so many benefits to gardening. One of the best benefits is putting fresh food on the table and for me, there’s just isn’t a better feeling than that!

A lot of folks think that when the summer and early fall gardening season ends, so does the gardening. That’s just not true.

What if I told you that you can grow a plentiful garden INDOORS…all year round?

Gardeners who garden indoors do so for a number of reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Gardeners who live in northern climates that have shorter summer months love indoor gardens. It provides them with more options to have the most productive, plentiful garden.
  • Gardeners without a good gardening area in the yard may find growing indoors especially useful. Indoor gardening systems are perfect for those who live in the city, especially those who live in an apartment or townhome.
  • Plants also help beautify your indoor space and freshen the air inside the house.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s go even further and get you started on the road to indoor gardening. What I’ll be covering in this article:

  • Space: The best spaces in your home for indoor gardening
  • Light: The best lighting options for indoor gardening
  • Temperature: What temperatures are necessary for an indoor garden
  • Humidity: Watching for signs that plants are being affected
  • Soil: Which soil is best for indoor gardening
  • Plants: Choosing the right plants for indoor gardening
  • Maintenance: Watering and fertilizing your indoor garden


You can utilize a bigger space for your indoor garden. You can grow all kind of plants.

Most indoor gardeners use windowsills and tables for their indoor gardening areas. The table should be on a tile or linoleum floor to catch any water. A tarp under the table can be used as well.

Another great idea is shelving which will give more room for your plants without occupying too much room space. Just make sure each plant gets adequate lighting regardless of how they’re arranged on the shelves. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING