My name is Recep Alçamlı and I am from Mersin, Turkey, where I study chemical engineering. After long hours of studying, I usually take short breaks and one day, while I was sharpening a pencil, I came up with an idea how to turn a tip of a pencil into stylish shape.

After some attempts of creating tiny carvings out of pencil graphite, I was pretty good at this. The practice was helping me to cope with the stress in my life. Therefore, I started working hard everyday to improve my talents. This art also reminds me that every human being is just a small dot in our universe. That’s why carving pencils is like giving big meanings to tiny things.

Recep’s work seems to follow in the footsteps of Dalton Ghetti, a carpenter from Connecticut, USA, who has spent several decades perfecting his carved pencil-tip graphite sculptures.

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