Talented artist Lee John Phillips has undertaken a project of epic proportions to celebrate the memory of his late grandfather. Phillips estimates that it will take him about 4-5 years to draw all 100,000+ items left behind in the shed by his grandfather, who passed away roughly 20 years ago. Everything from large tools to jars full of nails, nuts and bolts will be covered!

Phillips has been numbering each object in his meticulous project, and has drawn nearly 4,000 at this point. He has spent so much time drawing recently that it has taken a toll on him; “I already have to have physio for the toll it’s taking on my body. About 5% done so far!” he writes on his Instagram.

Be sure to follow his Instagram to keep up with his extraordinarily devoted project! Despite the massive undertaking, he manages to slip in the occasional unrelated drawing as well, and they’re all wonderful works of art.

More info: leejohnphillips.com | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: mymodernmet, twistedsifter)

“My grandfather past away… and my grandmother treats [the shed] as a mausoleum”

“The things he salvaged and collected in jars are amazing, they should be seen. That’s why I’m putting myself through this”

“Neither she or the shed will be around forever. I’d like to preserve it for my family”

“Some days I’ve done 15hrs, others, I’ve snatched 10 minutes. But it is every spare second I have”

“So, so bored! Sometimes I get tested. I know I’m being tested but it doesn’t make it any easier”

“Then I finish a jam jar and it feels great. I see them lined up, tagged, numbered and ready to go home. It makes it easier to push on”

“I already have to have physio for the toll it’s taking on my body”

Phillips will draw every nail, nut and bolt in the shed!