It has been an ongoing debate across the USA whether or not gun laws should be restricted. Students have raised their support for the March For Our Lives movement that aims to prevent gun violence in the country. It’s no surprise that people are trying their best to protect young and innocent children who aren’t even safe in their own school – a place where they should grow and improve has become a danger zone where nobody is safe.

Since it seems that the government is willing to protect “gun rights” instead of human lives, people have taken matters into their own hands by finding unique ways to talk about the problem.

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Recently, one student, Gina Warren, decided to decorate her graduation cap in a very unique way

A QR code that is on top of the cap is not a link to a meme or any kind of joke like many would think at first glance. The code actually links people to the list of the victims of school shootings across the USA.

The list names victims of shootings since 1999 all the way up to the most recent STEM shootings that happened last week

18-year-old Gina is an active supporter of the March For Our Lives movement and says this was her way of protecting students around the world. Her main goal is to prove to others that this is a huge problem the country is facing.

Image credits: Gina Warren

Gina has received massive support online for her idea

Others even decided to take matters into their own hands by adding the code in their own caps