Gods have been the explanation for everything that is happening in our world from the beginning of time. And we know of these Greek, Roman, Indian, Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, and other gods because they were such big parts of people’s lives that they were immortalized in various writings. And they still to this day are inspiration for contemporary creators.

For example, the Instagram account Goofy Gods Comics portrays the gods in a completely different way than we are used to seeing them. These gods are silly, goofy, and funny with Zeus discovering the Mario games and Hades finally going on a date with Persephone, with the stories sometimes having references to modern-day culture.

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Goofy Gods Comics is an account shared by two friends that try to provide us with funny comics once a week or whenever they can. The Instagram account’s first post was published on August 15, 2019 and in May of the following year, it hit 200k followers. They didn’t stop growing and now they’re almost at 300k followers. Their posts get anywhere from 20k to 170k likes with positive reactions in the comics.

They told Bored Panda that the two best friends met in high school and thought that it would be cool to create comics together about a year ago. "We had tons of ideas, but both love mythology so we wanted to give it a go."

Bored Panda noticed these artists not long after they started their Instagram account and has an article on them which you can check out here. But since then, they’ve came a long way and created even more comics, so we are making a follow-up article so that even more people can get to enjoy their work.

In the comics, the reoccurring characters are Zeus, the god of sky and thunder who rules other gods. Then there’s also Hades, the god of the dead and the king of the underworld. He is inseparable from his three-headed dog Cerberus, who is called Cerbie in the comics.

Goofy Gods Comics not only creates short comics, but their audience is also involved in a mini-series. Recently, we found out if Hades finally got the courage to ask Persephone on a date and if she agreed to it.

"At first it was mostly just 1-off jokes, but after a while we decided to do full stories spreading over multiple comics. That’s why we created Cerbie, and then the Persephone/Hades story."

When asked what is the message the creators would like their readers to receive, they answered "Mostly we want people to simply get a laught out of it. We’re also huge dog fans, so Cerbie was a great way to convey our love for dogs!"

The characters are goofy and cute. The god of the dead, usually depicted as a grim figure with a monstrous three-headed dog by his side, has a really lovable personality in these comics. Originally wrathful gods become adorable individuals and if you know at least a little bit of Greek mythology, then these comics will be even more enjoyable.

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