The Apple wearables have made us believe that a watch can do so much more than just showing time. Since the launch of the first Apple Watch Series, it has given us the watch goals and has opened a huge door of possibilities which is growing with each and every update. In this mission, the Apple Watch apps are the companions of it. These apps are making it more and more exciting to see how much versatile our Apple wearables can be. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of these apps that can be essential for your Apple Watch. So let’s discover some of the Good Apps for Apple Watch.

The first app we think of for an Apple Watch is a fitness app. Streaks Workout is the one we have chosen. The reason is obvious, it has everything we expect with a fitness app. Streaks Workout app can be your best fitness trainer which resides on your wrist all day. This app gives you options to choose how tough/easy, quick/time taking exercise you need to do. It trains and teaches you the workout methods, guides you with the best for you and most importantly it motivates you for the workout sessions. If you are one of those who takes new year resolution of getting fit every year but it never happens, you need to have this app.>>>READ MORE