We’ve got a wholesome story full of hope for you, dear Pandas. People are absolutely loving a viral TikTok video posted by Lacey Scott, aka @heretherebesculptures, that shows how she rescued a sick and dying 10-year-old goldfish and then nursed him back to health.

Monstro the goldfish had lots of health problems: he couldn’t swim and as a result, developed lesions on his belly. However, the new owner set up a ‘fish hospital’ for Monstro with aquarium salt and changed the water daily. The changes were slow but noticeable. Scroll down and have a look for yourself what swimmingly huge differences proper care and attention can bring about. This before-and-after is simply stunning!

“Monstro is somehow a big goof while also being a high maintenance diva at the same time,” the goldfish’s new owner Lacey told Bored Panda. Read on for our full interview with Monstro’s owner about the goldfish’s character, his diet, how exactly he was nursed back to health, and why fish change color. We also reached out to the RSPCA to learn about the biggest misconceptions about goldfish and what to do if your pet is feeling unwell.

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Check out the full video showing Monstro’s amazing transformation right here

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Proper love, care, and attention can work wonders!