About this time last year, I was contacted by a customer who wanted to make that special moment of marriage proposal an extra special surprise – this piece of Harry Potter inspired art was commissioned.

Made out of Sterling Silver, the snitch had an extra thick coating of 18ct Yellow Gold, with the wings likewise plated in an extra thick coating of Rhodium. Made to be a necklace pendant, I made a Nimbus 2000 Broomstick Charm to accompany it that unbeknownst to everyone else, is the Key to open it. The hinging and catch mechanisms were concealed so that when shut, no one else can tell that it is actually meant to open, keeping the engagement ring a complete secret.

I first drew this engagement ring box with the aid of 3D computer modeling, which I then 3D-printed and cast in Sterling Silver using the Lost Wax Casting process. Being the first of this design, it then went under a good 60 hours of attentive handwork and scrutiny to finish the golden snitch to the highest of standards – checking to ensure that everything about it would be perfect.

Following this, I commissioned a wizard of an Engraver to engrave the lid with ‘I Open at the Close,’ and the lucky Potterhead’s name on the inside. The catch and internal mechanisms are all handmade.

I feel thoroughly privileged to have had the opportunity to make this, and am looking forward to making another – a new version with a different surprise inside is already in the development stage, and dreaming up new ideas for others is keeping me awake at night in anticipation! Knowing how much this has been appreciated and loved by him and her, has been the icing on the cake – ‘the socks on Dobby’s feet’ so to speak. Enjoy!!

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