Being accepted by the family of your in-laws is the best (just ask this woman, who certainly knows a thing or two about not being welcomed by her in-laws). David Lopez – a musician based in Los Angeles, California – shared a series of adorable texts he receives from his girlfriend’s little brother. It appears that the duo is bonding really well and that the young boy is looking up to David as an “older brother,” as one Twitter user pointed out.

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This man shared the adorable conversations he has with his girlfriend’s little brother

Image credits: David Lopez

David Lopez took to Twitter to share the cuteness with the world. “My girl’s little brother always randomly texts me from her phone or from my suegra’s* phone. I love this kid & the bond we’re building,” he wrote in a viral post.
* Spanish for mother-in-law.

“I love this kid and the bond we’re building”

Image credits: davidlopez360

David’s tweet almost instantly went viral, with over 250k likes and almost 35k retweets. “This is the cutest sh*t,” one Twitter user noted. “I love how this kid was trying to explain the concept of “carrying you” like you don’t know what that is lmao,” another one noted.

“Hi brother, it’s Jesus”

Image credits: David Lopez

In the screenshots posted by David, you can see the duo referring to each other as “brothers,” and clearly enjoying each other’s company.

“Look how mugroso I am”

Image credits: David Lopez

Apparently, the little brother was proud of the two goals that he achieved and wanted to celebrate together with David. “We need to celebrate something little like Chuck E. Cheese,” he texts. “Sorry, I don’t [know] how to text,” Jesus later apologizes.

“I can carry you on it”

Image credits: David Lopez

In the last screenshot that David posted, Jesus texts him from his mom’s phone, asking whether David has Fortnite on his PS4. Then, if your heart still hasn’t exploded from cuteness, the boy assures his older friend that he can “carry him on it,” and even takes time to explain what it means.

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