It’s easy to break up when you find out that you’re dating a psycho. It’s not as easy when the psycho is your partner’s child from another marriage, though. And the guy who’s confession you’re about to read knows this. At first, the relationship seemed fine, better than fine, actually. But that completely changed when he started taking it to the next level. You see, as much as his girlfriend was into him, her daughter wasn’t. She kept picking fights, and it just escalated until… Well, scroll down and read for yourself. (Facebook cover image: Daria Shevtsova )

Image credits: Seniju (not the actual photo)

“Girlfriend’s daughter accuses me of hitting her. I do a webcam show so the video clears me”

Image credits: Olof Werngren (not the actual photo)

People were really happy to learn that the whole ordeal ended the way it did