Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am sure many people has a big problem when in quarantine with their cats. Showering. Well, you definitely can’t go to a showering place for pets! With some stuff and tips, you can easily wash your cat!

First, buy a bag like in the first photo.

Second, get a cat shampoo( I really recommend the SOS pet shampoo. See the second photo below)

Third, put your cat in the bag and put the cat and the bag in a sink.

Next, rinse your cat and put shampoo on the bag and rub it.

After the shampoo is in your cat’s fur, wash your cat. You can let it out the bag, (NOT THE IDIOM!!!) and wash. Make sure that there’s no shampoo left when finishing.

Then blow-dry your cat.

Finally, give your cat loads of snacks.

Tip: wear gloves!!!

p.s. this is my first post!

My cat Jasper in the bag

The shampoo

Jasper showering

Drying Jasper

My mad cat after the shower. XD