Most of us single folk had those moments where dating apps seemed like a good idea and went for a Tindr or something similar. After all, it seems like the perfect place to find a significant other, that’s the whole idea behind the app. Unfortunately, there are so many horror stories and not-so-perfect exchanges coming from such dating apps that many whoever thought of trying them (or actually tried them, bless their souls!) were successfully discouraged to ever think of approaching the Tindr-zone. This is exactly that not-so-perfect story that a young woman shared with her friend who posted it online and things went pretty viral.

Brittany Lauren decided to try a dating app after moving places and it wasn’t long before she encountered a man that discouraged her from ever trying such apps again. Bored Panda reached out to Britanny for additional comment and she provided us with some details. “When I first got the message I knew right away what he was attempting to do. I’ve seen the tactic before, “negging” as it’s referred to,” the woman revealed and went to explain what “negging” is, “insecure men trying to knock a woman down via a backhand compliment/insult.” Britanny also mentioned that she knew where the conversation was headed the moment she got Rob’s message.

Britanny recently shared screenshots of a conversation with a friend who posted it online

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“I encounter men like Rob pretty often. But, hardly ever in person. Mostly online. I guess being behind a screen gives them courage to act like a jerk,” Britanny told us. She also mentioned that moving to a new place encouraged her to try dating apps to meet new people. “They are littered with men like Rob, unfortunately. After this encounter I’ve deleted all of my apps and I’m going back to the old school tactic of waiting for a man to approach me in the produce section of my local Whole Foods, haha,” the woman joked.

The screenshots showcased a conversation Britanny had with a stranger named Rob

Britanny also explained how the brutal exchange ended up online:

“My friend and I, since downloading dating apps, often screenshot conversations with men and share them via text in a “oh my god, can you believe this guy?!” way. Gossiping the way girls do, ya’know? So, when I screenshotted Rob’s messages before he blocked me I had only intended on her seeing it. Then after reading it, I thought it was pretty funny so I threw it up on my Facebook page for my other friends to see and get a quick laugh. I honestly didn’t expect it to go as far as it did. But, I’m glad it did!”

Image credits: brittanylaurenxo

When asked how people responded to her post, Britanny revealed that the response was overwhelmingly positive. “A vast majority of my DMs are from women sharing their stories of a “Rob” in their life. Women thanking me for giving them courage to stand up to men like Rob who think it’s okay to be hateful for no reason. If anything came from it going viral, I’m glad it was that,” she said. “Lots of DMs from men who think I’m funny or attempting to shoot their shot, haha. I’d say about 5% of my messages are from fellow “nice guys” cursing me out, some death threats sprinkled in. Haha. But, it’s the Internet— again a place that gives these men courage to say things they wouldn’t dare say to my face.”

Image credits: brittanylaurenxo

Here’s how people reacted to the exchange between the two