Another victim of bullying and cyberbullying Cora Delille (15) committed suicide leaving a note to her four classmates: “Thanks for all the pain”.

The victim girl was found in her home on May 10th by a family member in Pickerington, Ohio. Police reported there was a complex of reasons to her committing suicide, while her classmates and friends agreed that Cora had suffered horribly from being bullied both at school and online.

The note left by the teenage girl included 4 names of her classmates, including two of her ex-boyfriends, one of whom has broken-up with Cora the day before she killed herself. All 4 kids were brought to question by the Pickerington police and although the “name calling” was proved no one has received punishment.

Friends have paid a tribute to Cora Delille on social media where she had been cyberbullied, they posted numerous pictures with her, saying kind words. Unfortunately, there were also those who cyberbullied Cora even after her death. They wrote “f***g cora” and “b***h” under her photos in Instagram and Facebook.
Cora Delille’s death should be a wake-up call not only for school but for parents too. Usually, there are clear signs of cyberbullying one can prevent.

•Expressing anger, anxiety after going online
•Social isolation
•Rapid change in behavior
•Nervous breakdown
•Severe headaches
•Rapid change in weight ( both gaining and losing)
•Suicidal thoughts
•Unusually privacy about social media and online world

In order to prevent and secure your child from cyberbullied oneshould follow several rules that have been proved to be helpful.

Talk to your child. In majority of cases, the best thing you can do is have a normal conversation with your child. If he/she denies having cyber problems, talk about his/her friend. Ask how much they know about cyberbullying and does your child know anyone who is being bullied. This way you can understand how much your child knows and what kind of problems does he/she have?

Monitor online activity. Luckily, there is technology that allows parents and teachers to control and secure their children online. All one needs to do is install smartphone monitoring app app that allows remote tracking of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and IM chats like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. In addition you can monitor real time GPS location of your child, view all call logs/text messages and videos/photos downloaded. app is by far the best mean to protect your child and although some say that one should trust their kids, it is impossible to trust all users on the internet.

Play a celebrity card. Teens are always fond of their idols. Luckily, teen stars like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato who publicly stand against bullying and cyberbullying. These teen celebrities can inspire children to stand against cyberbullying and help each other.

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