I follow German Artist Sascha Vievers for a while on his Instagram account. Since I am also an absolute fan of the Victorian era, I enjoy the drawings very much. Last year’s Inktober Event he drew famous people and comic character in Victorian style. In addition to this series, there are a number of wonderful illustrations to admire on his account.

Since I would like to help the artist to become better known, I thought this collection should not be missing here and I would like to share it with you all.

So have fun diving into the wonderful Victorian time.

Web: www.saschavievers.de

Instagram: www.instagram.com/saschavievers

More info: Instagram

Queen Elizabeth II

Lady Gaga

Mary Poppins

Harley Quinn

Marlene Dietrich

Albus Dumbledore

Frisa Kahlo


Audrey Hepburn

Pope Francis


Joan Collins

Poison Ivy

Captain Janeway

Angela Merkel

Princess Diana

Marilyn Monroe

Karl Lagerfeld

Duchesse Catherine

Salvador Dalí

Michael Jackson

Liza Minnelli

Grace Kelly

Donald Trump

Britney Spears

Elvis Presley


Coco Chanel