The internet is not a safe place, especially when you’re former US president George W. Bush. A fairly well-known hacker, Guccifer, has stolen three years of correspondence from six e-mail accounts of the Bushes and their friends. Oddly enough, the most scandalous thing to emerge from the emails was that George is quite the artist and enjoys painting.

Though amateurish in technique, these paintings seem to carry some deeper meaning. For example, Bush’s self-portraits in his shower and bath are believed to show his multi-level self-reflection and introspection. And almost all the paintings from the “dog-period” are said to portray Bush himself (especially the dog behind the bars of the White House).

So far, it seems that he was most prolific during the “dog-period”. According to Bonnie Floor, a Georgian artist who was teaching the president to paint, he might have done 50 dog canvases.