Seems like all we want to talk about these days are divisions. Whether it’s gender, race, politics or even food choices, squabbling over differences on the internet has become a majorly time consuming exercise that doesn’t really seem to be getting us anywhere.

Add to that list the generation gap. This post, originally by Tumblr user illogicalliberal, has gone viral after highlighting the vast differences in opportunity that the younger generations face, in comparison to their baby boomer parents.

While not all of the numbers and percentages seem to quite add up, illogicalliberal does make valid points about higher student debt, wages not matching inflation, and house prices that are out of reach for the average worker. Of course, everyone has their own circumstances and some commenters were quick to disagree, believing that good old hard work and sacrifices can still bring rewards.

Sure, there is a valid discussion to be had about the generation gap in economic opportunity, and social mobility is indeed on the decline. But come on, let’s not play the generational blame-game and turn it into yet more division between us. Irrationalliberal had clearly had enough, and resorted to pointing the finger at the older generation. But doesn’t it seem that division is almost being purposely sowed by some sections of the media? And whilst we are all busy arguing amongst ourselves, the real causes of our problems are going about their business unhindered.

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Many people were quick to agree, sharing their own experiences

While others don’t believe that things are quite that bad