If Tardar Sauce (better known as Grumpy Cat) is grumpy, then Garfi the Persian cat is something closer to “angry” or “plotting to murder you.” Imagine waking up to that stony glare at 2AM with him sitting on your chest. Creepy, huh?

Though he may look like a scheming villain, Garfi is actually one of the sweetest cats ever. Just look how he puts up with everything his owner plans for him! He’s a great model, and his similarity to Garfield is indeed striking. Garfi lives in Turkey with his owner Hulya Ozkok, surrounded by a big family and his other cat friends. We bet that Garfi is actually a joy to be around – such a fluffy and angry-looking cat must be fun to cheer up.

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You can buy the images on Garfi’s owner’s Getty page.