In the past, I have worked on various awareness series that cover controversial topics such as domestic violence, incest and eating disorders all using iconic Disney heroes and heroines. Recently, I added a new awareness campaign which stands against fur trade and invites people to join the protest by boycotting fur products. The purpose of this campaign was to decrease the amount of sales in fur products this winter. Similar to the previous social issues that I have tackled before, animal rights is something that I always stood up for.

A lot of people have asked me why do I always feel the need to talk directly to children. My answer is simple… They are the future. Although I want my campaigns to reach out to people of all ages, educating and touching children at a young age is something crucial. No, I don’t want to ruin the fairy tale illusion for kids. I would never want to do that! I just want them to be more aware about social issues that take place almost every day.

It took me a month to complete the “Furry Tale” series after an extensive research on the fur industry. I researched what each animal would look like after the skinning process, and I applied it to the my Disney characters. Using Disney figures has proved to be quite effective since people grew up loving these characters.

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