As you might’ve already experienced yourself (and if not – do try it with someone!) – yawing is medically proved to be contagious. If you hear or see someone yawn, chances are that within seconds you’ll catch yourself doing the same. Some say that the only mammals on Earth that don’t yawn are the giraffes (which, of course, you could also try challenging by testing it in a zoo. Let us know how it goes).

If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, you can always use this post for therapeutic purposes. Besides it being an animal post, which already soothes the heart, it is bound to have you start yawning yourself. And once you do, you’ll notice that all of a sudden you got way sleepier…

So let’s do a little experiment – scroll down the list and try not to yawn!

Photo by: Yves Adams

Photo by: Mario Moreno

Photo by: Michael Wolf

Photo by: Tom Magnum

Photo by: Nicolas Dori

Photo by: Steve Macay

Photo by: Greg Gard

Photo by: Krishnachandran U

Photo by: rainermaly

Photo by: Seb Loram

Photo by: Kurt Bowman

Photo by: Irene Mei

Photo by: John Mead

Photo by: Brett Lewis

Photo by: Dev Raj

Photo by: Robert Baucom

Photo by: Csaba Tökölyi

Photo by: Yuri Gomelsky

Photo by: Victoria Wright

Photo by: Håkan Dahlström

Photo by Phil

Photo by: Priyanka Patel