As long as people have smartphones, they will keep texting the wrong numbers. Whether it's a person who didn't know they were given a fake one at a bar or someone who honestly made a typo, it's inevitable.

But as natural as it sounds, receiving such a text is always a surprise. So, to prepare you for this moment, Bored Panda has compiled a list of screenshots of some of the most unexpected wrong number messages. We're talking warnings in the form of a grape photo, and never-ending announcements of incoming chili. You know, the good stuff. After going through these, believe me, no random stranger will catch you off guard via text.

Continue scrolling to check out the entries and be sure to fire up our earlier list about the funniest wrong number texts, too!

So how is one supposed to answer to a misdirected text? Out of all the ways to handle it, politely letting the offending party know what happened is the kindest route you can take. Typically, they will probably either apologize and immediately cut ties or send a novel filled with uncertainty and insecurities. So if you choose the noble route, be ready for the consequences.

But if you're positive you don't know this person, so can use the prime opportunity to... be a dick about it. If that's what your heart demands, of course. However, remember that there's a real human being with real feelings on the other end and you have no idea what condition their mental state might be in. And, of course, they have your phone number. So naturally, there are limits.

When in doubt, a simple "sorry, I think you have the wrong number" should (hopefully) be enough. But if things start to get out of hand, you can always call your service provider and have that particular number blocked.

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See Also on Bored Panda


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