Webcomic artist Ben Hed and his favorite cat and dog duo Pixie and Brutus have become internet sensations. Hed has amassed 1.7m Instagram followers and even has viewers creating Pixie and Brutus fan art. While this comedy buddy team may have become the focus of his page, Pet Foolery, Hed has tons of hilarious ideas floating around in his head that he has put to paper.

Recently the now full-time illustrator posted a strip that asks the question, where do the more unique dog breeds come from? Sure we know the evolutionary story about dogs coming from wolves but how did a wolf turn into a small corgi? Sure enough, Hed has some pretty hilarious answers complete with delightful illustrations.

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As with so many artistic ideas, his inspiration for the comic came from random musings, “I just thought it was funny how some dogs look so similar to wolves and some… don’t… at all, even though they are all supposedly related,” Hed told Bored Panda.

Each breed has distinct attributes that put them in the unique breed category, to which the artist says he has no favorites. “I haven’t spent much time with any of these breeds, and as far as looks go, they’re all interesting in their own way.”

While fans love Pixie and Brutus Hed said he likes to keep up artistic variety, “I like to keep a mix between solo comics and reoccurring comics. I’ve stocked up on comics (for later this summer for when I start work at a Bible camp), so I know that most of the upcoming comics are solo comics.”

Does this mean we can expect unique cat breeds in the future? “Thought about it, but it wouldn’t really work. There just isn’t nearly as much diversity in cats as there is in dogs.”

People loved the dog breed mixes and even added some of their own