When we were children, we all had our favorite superheroes usually possessing some cool supernatural or superhuman powers that we all dreamed we had. Fighting evil, battling twisted villains, and protecting innocent people was their everyday duty and we would imagine that one day when we grow up, we too would save the day. Even though most of us forgot these dreams when we grew up, one artist decided to bring one of our favorite superheroes to life and once again let him save the world, however, this time not with his superpowers but with his... cuteness overload. Bored Panda got in touch with the artist behind the Spider-Man and kitty photographs.

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Neung is an artist from Thailand who created an amazing Facebook page called "Spidey adventure". You may ask why it's so amazing? Well, it chronicles the daily adventures of one of our favorite superheroes - Spiderman - and various adorable kittens. The photos of these cute adventures show the daily life of the Spiderman figure and his cute pals which definitely brings a smile to our faces. Sounds cute? More than 270k followers on his Facebook page truly approve of it!

We asked the artist what the idea behind his Spider-Man VS. Kitty photography is and he said: “I like to collect all things Spider-Man, especially action figures. I also love animals. I think both are cute, so combining them was a no-brainer in my head. They make for an amazing combo.”

Neung is a true fan of Spiderman, a cat lover, and also has amazing photographic skills. He has a massive collection of various Spiderman dolls which he started to collect in 2002 which proves his true passion for this superhero. "I love Spiderman because he is a unique hero. His virtue is a good example. The first movie that made me fall in love with the hero was Spiderman 2002, played by Tobey Maguire. After watching this movie, I loved it and started collecting everything that was his. I'm a lover of cats and dogs too, so I put these two things together and I convey them here on this page"- said the artist to Bored Panda.

The idea for these photographs began with the first Spider-Man movie back in 2002: “I was impressed with the move. I absolutely adore Tobey Maguire, I think he’s cool, nice, and selfless person and a good actor, certainly the best Spider-Man.”

This series shows the cute and funny side of Spiderman and his feline friends. From taking hilarious selfies together, showing off their fashionable matching outfits, to Spiderman comforting his friends when in need, holding each other while napping or preparing to fight evil, Neung perfectly knows how to make us smile. So without further ado, we invite you to experience these magical adventures!

We asked the photographer how did he get into photography in the first place: “It’s the labor of love for me. I always wanted to covey cute things, like Spider-Man and the various animals I took pictures of. I believe that my photography can make people happy because that is what happiness is to me whenever I look at a picture and smile.”

Lastly, we wanted some clarification of whether this is the artist’s cat, and which one. And he delivered: “The Tabby is my cat. It’s the only one I own. The cats and dogs in other pictures belong to my friends. They were happy to loan them for a photo shoot.”

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