When you receive a friend request on Facebook from a stranger, it’s better to just ignore it because you might end up dealing with a scammer. This is exactly what happened to Imgur user magneticman245. But instead of falling into the scammer’s trap he sparked a hilarious conversation!

“The scammer started by sending a friend request and only messaged me when I accepted it. He and I had some mutual Facebook friends which is how he probably found me,” he told Bored Panda. The scammer began the conversation by offering money right away, however, magneticman245 knew exactly what he should do. “I was inspired by the many posts on Imgur of people doing similar things,” he said. So he decided to troll the scammer and left him very confused.

After reading the whole conversation it isn’t very clear what kind of scam it was, so other users had to explain. “Some users commented on my post that he was doing a “Money Mule” scam. I think it uses the victim’s bank account to transfer stolen funds, so the police go after the victim rather than the scammer.” he said. Scroll below to see how the hilarious conversation unfolded!

Instead of falling into the scammer’s trap this Imgur user sparked a hilarious conversation!

For those who are unfamiliar with this kind of fraud here’s the explanation