Ever seen someone so photogenic that it makes you feel like a toad in comparison? Well, get ready to turn green with envy, because the latest Internet sensation is a fabulous gecko who knows how to pose for the camera better than a runway model.

The luxurious lizard, who appears to be a young leopard gecko getting ready to shed, made its debut on Reddit a few days ago, and has started the best Photoshop battle we've seen in months. Its sumptuous stare and elegant silhouette just beg to be cut and pasted into more glamorous (and funny) settings, and we're sure that once these photos reach modelling agencies in New York and Paris, this little creature will be on a first-class flight. Or maybe we'll just adopt it. That would be just as awesome.

Grab the cutout image below and try your hand at relocating this scaled superstar. Just be sure to add it to our list when you're done!


Download Original | Download Cut Out

#1 Saturday Night Gecko

Saturday Night Gecko


Anya O 1 year ago

better at dancing than me....

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#2 Surprise!



Lillian Chesak 1 year ago

Tries to hold in laughter and fails

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#3 Try Outs For The Dark Side

Try Outs For The Dark Side


danielw 1 year ago

he's a little short for a storm trooper.

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#4 Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort


Vlad Horobet 1 year ago

You're a lizard Harry!

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#5 My City Needs Me!

My City Needs Me!


Nancy Shields 1 year ago

This should have way more votes by now!

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#6 Let's Dance, Guys!

Let's Dance, Guys!

ranka_reopard Report

Cherie O 1 year ago

There's no place I'd rather be...than on a surfboard out at sea...lingering in the ocean blue....

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#7 It Is Cute But It Sounded Like A Pole Dance To Me

It Is Cute But It Sounded Like A Pole Dance To Me

fateinhaze Report

Evgeniya Khon 1 year ago

This Gecko should be in Chicago!

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#8 Classy Wedding Intruder

Classy Wedding Intruder


logical fallacy 1 year ago

Dude, you can't be cooler than the bride and groom. Basic wedding manners.

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#9 Geckozilla



Miranda Wood 1 year ago

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A real harambe

#10 My Bulldog Chubby Learning The Pose

My Bulldog Chubby Learning The Pose


Dr. Incognito 1 year ago

magical mystical dog

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