When couples spend more time together than usual, they learn a lot about each other. With the coronavirus outbreak making us stay at home, some of us are now working from home. And if you’re spending all day with your partner, they’re going to see what you’re like when you’re at work. That, our dear Pandas, can bring out a whole different side to you that might just shock your loved one.

InStyle Magazine deputy editor Laura Norkin created an immensely popular Twitter thread when she shared how she learned what her partner’s like when they’re in “full work mode.” This inspired others to share their own shocking discoveries about their partners’ professional personas.

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Laura’s Twitter thread amassed more than 664k likes, was retweeted over 52k times, and got over 3k comments. That just goes to show that lots of couples are getting to know each other a lot better since the start of the pandemic. A small win for relationships? We hope so!

A lot of people seem to have very different personas when it comes to their work and personal lives. Having two different personas isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s very useful and keeps your life in balance. You can be super-professional and ambitious at work while kicking back and relaxing when you’re with your family and friends. It’s a Yin and Yang kind of situation.

According to Timothy Sykes on Entrepreneur, it’s very easy to create a professional persona for yourself. The first step is deciding what kind of person you want to be at work and then following through by acting, dressing, and changing your attitude to fit your new character.

Sykes explains that if you “make a concentrated effort to conduct yourself with the professionalism of a manager or CEO,” then you’re more likely to get that promotion you’ve been angling for. In other words, fake it till you make it.

You should also think about what qualities make you indispensable. Are you the kind of person who always finishes their work before a deadline? Are you dependable? Good. Turn those features into a core part of your professional identity and you’ll be valued more by your coworkers and your boss.

What’s more, you should also avoid a casual attitude while at work, otherwise, you won’t be taken as seriously. You can still have fun, but remember that you’re a professional. Just remember to switch back to your carefree and joyful persona when you’re done working from home for the day!

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