We all know that kids say the funniest and craziest things sometimes; their young brains haven't been conditioned to follow our narrow rules of speech just yet so they quite often just name things as their creative brains see fit.

And you know what? A vast majority of the time, kids' made-up names for things actually make more sense, are much funnier and more descriptive than the originals could ever wish to be. Ice cubes? Nah, that'll be water bricks, please!

In the list below, you'll get a new perspective on things that we have been taught not to notice. Only the pure, unsullied minds of kids could come up with these poetic observations! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and feel free to add your own in the comments!

Zoe's Zoo

A friend's 5 yr old saw a rhino and called it a "Battle Unicorn". Can we let 5 yr olds christen new species please?

8:12 AM - 30 May 2018

ZoesZooYouTube Report


My kid just called Fruit Loops "Pride Cheerios" and I've never been happier in my life that this little dude calls me mom.

9:29 AM - 5 Sep 2018

OutNumbMother Report

Kim Bongiorno

I'm not saying that my daughter is overly dramatic.
I'm just reminding you that she calls tears "wet drops of sad."

3:00 AM - 29 Mar 2016

LetMeStart Report

Rebecca Caprara

2yo referred to her coat pockets as "snack holes" and this is what I shall forever call them

11:03 AM - 23 Feb 2018

RebeccaCaprara Report

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

My 4-year-old called ice cubes "water bricks," and now I'll never call them anything else.

5:28 PM - 25 Oct 2018

XplodingUnicorn Report

( ゚д゚)

My 4 year old daughter calls penguins "cold owls"

3:04 AM - 4 Jun 2018

jess2780 Report

Mommy Owl

My daughter doesn’t know the word “braces” so she calls them “tiny jails for your teeth.”

6:21 PM - 11 Oct 2018

Lhlodder Report

Hunter Campbell

My three year old decided escalators are called “robot stairs,” and so it has been decreed in our house.

4:04 PM - 31 May 2018

HunterCampbell Report


My two year old son calls beards/facial hair “face grass”. It started like a year ago and we can’t bring ourselves to correct him.

9:05 PM - 30 May 2018

janna_rpw Report

Isabel Jordan

When my daughter was little she called her memory her remembery. It will always be that to us.

1:07 PM - 30 May 2018

seastarbatita Report

Stella G. Maddox

"I have cow-like reflexes."

My 9 year old either made an error in phrasing and meant to say cat or he is extremely self-aware.

1:40 PM - 31 Oct 2013

StellaGMaddox Report

Sara Says Stop

My daughter still calls sneezing "bless yous" and I will destroy anyone that ruins this for me.

11:04 AM - 1 Mar 2017

PetrickSara Report

Tessa Dare

My friend’s 5-year-old just saw a crow and called it a “Halloween eagle.”

And a child shall lead us. It is known. This is the new name for the bird-formally-known-as-crow. You know what to do, @MerriamWebster.

6:13 PM - 29 May 2018

TessaDare Report



Me: Um... your sheets? I’m washing them.

6:37 PM - 3 Sep 2018

Mirimade Report

Grant Tanaka

my son just called a coffin a “skeleton burrito” and somehow I’m the one on twitter

5:38 PM - 6 Feb 2019

GrantTanaka Report

Mike Reynolds

My daughter calls people who are reading "book lookers" and for some reason I love it so much more than "readers."

12:28 PM - 31 Dec 2017

EverydayGirlDad Report

Chris Dennis Myers

The boy I nanny used to call cactuses "poke trees," which is my most favorite thing. 🌵

12:14 PM - 4 Jun 2018

d_cd_c Report

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

My 2-year-old called the vehicle for sick people a "wee woo truck" and now I don't even remember what the right name is anymore.

4:44 PM - 17 May 2017

XplodingUnicorn Report

Kim Bongiorno

My daughter calls roots "tree veins" and honestly I think we should just allow her to name everything for us all from this point forward.

12:08 PM - 24 Apr 2016

LetMeStart Report

Jim Gaffigan

Little kids may wake up too early but at least my five-year-old daughter calls the airport the airplane store.

5:00 AM - 7 Sep 2014

JimGaffigan Report


When my daughter was a toddler she pointed to the back of her knee and told me she had a bug bite on her leg pit.😂 Then my son,(8 yrs younger), as a toddler learning how to scrub up asked "Do I scrub my leg pits too?" I think it's funny that they both called it the same thing.

11:25 AM - 30 May 2018

hotwirefences Report

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Lívia Labate

My kid calls prune juice 'poop juice' (suitable) and wine or beer 'mama juice' (also suitable).

8:29 PM - 30 May 2018

livlab Report

Teri Bloom

For my daughter, elevators were "uppy rooms".

1:23 PM - 30 May 2018

tanderny Report

Mommy Owl

My 3-year-old calls bubble gum "gubble bum" and I say a little prayer every day that no one ever corrects her.

9:34 AM - 4 Sep 2017

Lhlodder Report

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Watched Great Pumpkin special with my son yesterday and he LOST HIS F**KING MIND FOR SNOOPY.
He calls him "SNOOFY."

12:40 PM - 30 Oct 2017

Lin_Manuel Report


When my nephew was small he referred to pizza crusts as "pizza bones".

1:27 PM - 30 May 2018

Skorpeo Report

Mommy Owl

My 4-year-old just called the garbage disposal switch a “gobble button” and that is what I will henceforth be calling it.

2:06 PM - 22 Nov 2018

Lhlodder Report


My son calls squirrels "kangaroos" and I have no intention of correcting him.

#Dadlife #Parenting

2:41 PM - 25 Oct 2018

TwinzerDad Report