You've heard it once if you've heard it a thousand times before: kids say the darndest things. We've always loved the frank, honest and unadulterated way that little humans choose to express themselves - they see things from a different perspective to us grownups whose thoughts have been shaped and molded by the world around us.

NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit was so fascinated by the questions and comments from her Kindergarteners that she decided to start an Instagram account, called Live from Snack Time, to chronicle them. According to their bio, Alyssa "believes children are honest and curious, and while often perplexed, they’re brilliant – and that it’s a teacher’s job to take what children say seriously."

She wants to help adults to understand that children are not always acting outrageously to seek attention, but instead thinking out loud, soaking up new information, and solving problems 24/7.

Since starting the page in 2015 together with Greg Dunbar, a digital marketing manager with Walt Disney Studios, they have since grown to almost 100K followers, and even have a book! It's called 'I Did My Homework in My Head: (And Other Wacky Things Kids Say)' and is full of "Irresistible quotes from the elementary school classroom that prove kids really do say the darndest things--and even more so when their parents aren't around!"

What do you think? What's the funniest, truest or most profound thing you've ever heard a child say? Scroll down to check out our faves from the page for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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