IKEA should have been prepared for this. Thank God it wasn’t.

Have you ever noticed framed stock photos in IKEA room displays? We think they’re too boring and fake as hell. That’s why my girlfriend and I have decided to replace every framed photo in IKEA Vilnius with photos of ourselves.

Firstly, we had to count the framed photos in the store. Apparently, there are more than 100 framed photos in IKEA! It was quite a task to find that many photos of ourselves. Thanks to Instagram archives, we did pretty well. Next, we headed to local print-shop to have it all printed. Finally, we chose Saturday, the most crowded day in IKEA, to accomplish our mission without getting caught.

We hope you like it!

More info: Instagram

First, we hid in the bathroom not to get noticed

Not so long after, we realized that nobody cares, so we relaxed and made ourselves at home

We put some pictures from our holiday in Denmark

Some selfies look so much more real than all those stock photos

We did not forget even the smallest pictures in the most hidden places

Still, there are so many fake photos in the background

Feeling proud to be the new face of IKEA!

Some more photos from Scandinavia to fit that IKEA vibe

There’s even a picture of us being drunk as hell in the local festival

And there is another drunk selfie

Some pictures date back few years ago when we started dating

It’s a photo of us on our vacation to Minsk, where we found a fake Eiffel tower

This one we put in kids’ room

And we even changed baby pictures to photos of ourselves

We took a selfie, printed and then framed it in IKEA. IKEACEPTION

Someday we’ll put our baby picture instead of this one

Finally, the last photo of us after spending more than 5 hours in IKEA!

Still, there are many photos left

We hope that people will like our faces

Thanks for watching, hope you liked it as much as we did!