Comedian Jono Zalay and his family have developed the awesome tradition of lightly trolling the government over the years, by presenting themselves on official photo ID’s as ‘characters.’

It all started with his dad. “He would dress up for ID photos and eventually drivers licenses, Jono told Bored Panda. “His past characters included mafia hitman, lumberjack, and civil war general where he shaved his beard into burnsides. He ended up keeping that look for like six months.”

Jono recently took to Twitter to document his latest driver’s license incarnation. “Recently moved back to California and had to do a driver’s license renewal,” he wrote. “This is my story.” Having previously sported an impressive handlebar mustache, cornrows, and a mullet Billy Ray Cyrus would be proud of, he chose to raise the bar this time by going all-out anti-authority.

Doesn’t it give him to bother with the cops though? “It’s never really been anything more than an inconvenience with these driver’s license photos,” he explained. “I’ve been pulled over by cops or extra scrutinized by the TSA, but they mostly just do a double-take and let me go on my way. Because ultimately, it’s my face, and I don’t do anything to alter that. There are as many authorities who have given me a laugh or smile than having given me a stern eye-roll.”

We all know that going to any kind of government department, the DMV especially, pretty much sucks. The queues, the sticky plastic seats, getting passed from line to line as the clerk decides to close just as you finally arrive at the photo booth… the thirst for revenge is somewhat understandable. So why not have a little fun with them as Jono has?

Scroll down to check out Jono’s hilarious drivers licence troll, and click here to support his quest to make his licence plate FARTS69. It’s for a good cause!

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