PunHub (no, that's not a typo) is offering 'original puns from hot amateurs' and everyone is here for them. The project already has nearly 200K followers on Instagram and over 420K likes on Facebook and its fan army is constantly growing. And why wouldn't it? The unapologetic jokes paired with stock photos make perfect combos, standing out in people's feeds like dad jokes during a family dinner. So grab yourself a spoon and continue scrolling, 'cause there are plenty of puns to scoop.

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Conor, the creator of PunHub, does graphic design and animation for an agency and said the project was born after he started messing around on his commute that takes about an hour. "It's mainly why the style is pretty scrappy," Conor told Bored Panda. "I have to come up with an idea, find assets, and create them before the bus pulls in at work."

Also, Conor has always been quite well known amongst his colleagues as the one with the 'sh*t puns and pitching them with pretty much every client campaign.' He said no one really appreciates his comedy efforts at work, but maybe it's just not the right market. Clearly, his humor has a lot of admirers online.

When it comes to the catchy name, it was one of the few ideas Conor has had. "However, since this isn't actually my first rodeo with creating pages, I knew I needed the name itself to be something people laughed at and wanted to follow, so I settled on PunHub," he said. "It sounds just like the name of another popular site that I'm not sure if you've heard before."

Conor is the sole person behind PunHub and he makes all of the content himself. "It's pretty hard to juggle with working full-time but I enjoy it," he said. Some of the jokes he shares are his own while others are memories of something he has heard or seen before and of those, quite a few of them were published by @dadsaysjokes.

"I figured there was still a big gap in the market there as it was all just text-based jokes," Connor added. "I'm constantly working with stock imagery in my job so I'm aware of how ridiculously lame some of the photographs are with the stock models smiling and all and thought they would pair super nice with corny jokes."

Pairing the puns with the pictures isn't as easy as it looks. "One image is usually about over five different images stitched together to create the scene framed around the joke. I'll often have to source a smiling face from elsewhere to photoshop in or add in a background or various other items and scenery. A lot of people ask where do I find these photographs and the truth is I don't. They are often a scene that's created in Photoshop to match up with the story of the joke I want to tell." Conor said his uploads are probably like a crappy comic rather than a meme.

"I was planning on doing a series soon called 'Behind the Memes' that shows the process of the scenes that have been pieced together along with snippets of people's comments like, 'Where do you find these photographs?'" Connor added.

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