You might remember HipDict, the crowdsourced dictionary that defines what we’re really saying when we use everyday words, or maybe you’re already following it. The account on Instagram is still going strong with over 2 million followers and enough submissions to post every day.

HipDict has gained its large following by telling it like it really is... or, well, like it really is for someone out there on Instagram, if some of the definitions have you scratching your head.

After all, the content posted by the account is user-submitted, which means that you too can send them a message offering up your best definitions if you’re feeling inspired after reading this list.

Here are some of our picks, scroll down and upvote your favorites!

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HipDict isn’t the first platform compiling how we bend language to our liking. In the 00s, the crowdsourced dictionary format took off with Urban Dictionary, which, over its 20-year lifespan, has served as a repository for everything from slang definitions that have been presented to juries in a court of law, to incomprehensible inside jokes.

Most of the entries on HipDict, in contrast, seem almost like a reversal of the dictionary format, where the humor is in the definitions: experiences we associate with mundane concepts.

And just like the platforms before it that let us show how we use our creative license with language, it functions mostly as a place for expressing opinions or observations in a recognizable format.

While it is styled like a dictionary in the broadest sense, you might end up covering your eyes and screaming if you look at it with any background in lexicography (that’s not a verb… starting a definition with ‘when’? Oh dear g-)

But that’s okay. If these entries make you laugh and want to submit your own, HipDict has done its job.

Keep scrolling for more of our picks!

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