His comics are everywhere and hardly a day goes by without his art popping up on our feeds. And if you haven’t seen one of his cartoons on social media, then you’ll have to pardon us cuz we just have to ask if you’ve actually got an internet connection or if you’re living under a rock like Patrick Star. We’re talking, of course, about beloved cartoonist Adam Ellis.

Formerly a member of the team over at BuzzFeed, Adam went solo back in 2018 to focus wholeheartedly on his career as a digital illustrator. His hilarious comics pretty much touch on every topic known to humankind while his insights about current social issues are relatable to a lot of us.

We’ve collected some of his freshest and best new cartoons for all you to gobble up, dear Pandas, so scroll on down and let us know which of Adam’s creations you love best by smashing those big ol’ upvote buttons. Have something you’d like to get off your chest? Drop us a comment or two below. And when you’re done, have a browse through Bored Panda’s previous post about Adam’s art right here.

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However, despite his overwhelming success, the digital cartoonist’s art isn’t up everyone’s alley. Adam got into a spot of ‘controversy’ with some of his fans for his artistic process and style. Specifically, some internet users were very critical of Adam for copy-pasting elements from his earlier comics while making his new ones.

He’s been accused of everything from undynamic characters and “low effort” art to making unfunny jokes. Nonetheless, Adam keeps on drawing without minding the critics. After all, once you reach the heights that Adam’s at, there’s bound to be a lot of them, just like there’s a ton of adoring fans supporting you from the sidelines.

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See Also on Bored Panda

Funny Comics That Reveal Everyday Life With A Touch Of Humor By Adam Ellis

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