Believe it or not, we’ve all been kids once and had to learn all the skills that we have now from zero. And as unbelievable as it sounds, we all made mistakes in the process. Some of them dire, some of them funny, but at least our mistakes are kept hidden deep memories, not like the typo errors made by kids in the list below.

We all can agree that kids bring us so much joy – if not for their boundless energy and creativity, then for the hilarious and obliviously inappropriate things that they erroneously say and do. Below, you’ll find our picks of the raunchiest kids’ misspellings, that are so inappropriate it leaves us in stitches.

From confusing tits and tights to calling their friends c*nts and h*es, they’d surely be blushing less if someone had done a spelling check or had called the grammar police before making the notes public.

The fact that kids say the darnedest things and are capable of the most sophisticated typos has already been very well documented – there are hilarious and brutally honest notes or creepy and inexplicable statements.

Now, scroll down below for our pick of the bawdiest misspellings of words so creative, that even a grammar check might not help them.

My Whole Family

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Best Cook

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I Come In Peace

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My Goat Is In A Pen

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You Can’t Catch Me

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Come With Me

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I Like Pencils

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Happy Birthday Kurt

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Chum Bucket

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The Beach

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Abraham Lincoln

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Your House

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