The world would not be the same without cats. But what if everything that exists in this world were a cat?

This surreal scenario is made real by this fluffy Instagram account known as “Koty Vezde” (“Cats Are Everywhere”). The page run by Galina Bugaevskaya is dedicated to sharing the most amusing photo manipulations of random animals and things with furry feline faces.

Think of animals like foxes and seals, giraffes and bats, but also inanimate objects like toothpaste, cupcakes, and croissants rocking a cat’s snout like no big deal. Below we wrapped up a new batch of imagined cat pics from Koty Vezde, so pull your seat closer.

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Previously, we spoke with the person behind the ‘Koty Vezde’ account, 29-year-old Galina Bugaevskaya, who lives in Moscow and said that the idea for the page came spontaneously, about a year ago.

“I had previously been creating various funny things in Photoshop. I am very pleased that so many people appreciated my photo editing work. I just learned today that in different countries, they began to publish articles with my animal face collages,” Galina told us. She is also happy to see people write a lot of warm comments under her works.

Unsurprisingly, the creator of ‘Koty Vezde’ adores cats, “especially chubby and angry cats.” Galina believes that they are divine creatures: cute, soft, murmuring. “We always had cats in our family. At the moment, I have Filya and Puchok, and a white Persian cat, Umka, named after the bear cub from the Soviet cartoon.”

Moreover, Galina said that she likes fantasy so much that it reflects in her work. “I work as a content manager. I mastered Photoshop on my own, this is my hobby,” she told Bored Panda. Galina also said that she wants to thank everyone who follows her work. “It is very inspiring,” the creator of ‘Cats are Everywhere' concluded our previous interview by sending out a wholesome message to her fans.


While feline facial features vary among different breeds and even individual cats, there are general facial features that are inherent to felines. To find out more about them, as well as whether cats are able to show facial expressions, whether they can smile, and how you as an owner can better read your furry friend, we spoke with Yulia Popyk, the pet behavior expert from Pet Cube.

“First of, cats have large, almond-shaped eyes that give them excellent depth perception and vision in the dark. Their noses are moist and pointed. Moreover, cats have long, sensitive whiskers that they use to sense vibrations in their environment. A prominent chin that helps them groom themselves.”

Popyk also explained that a short and wide mouth with the whisker pads that are specific to cats provide them greater sensitivity when eating. And when it comes to their ears, felines have large erect ears that rotate up to 200 degrees, allowing them to pick up even the faintest sounds.


Cats have different facial features because of their genetic makeup, individual physical characteristics, and head shapes, Popyk argues. “Each cat has a unique facial structure and coat color that makes them different from other cats. Facial features such as the shape of their eyes, ears, muzzle, and nose can vary from breed to breed.”

Moreover, “Some cats have short muzzles, while others have longer muzzles. Cats also have different facial marking patterns, depending on their breed,” the pet behavior expert added.

When asked whether cats have facial expressions, like humans do, Popyk confirmed that they indeed do have facial expressions. However, “they are much more subtle than those of humans, but cats can still show a range of emotions through their expressions.”


“Cats can show happiness, fear, surprise, and even anger through changes in their facial expressions. Cats may also narrow or widen their eyes, raise their eyebrows, or open their mouths in a variety of facial expressions,” Popyk explained.

Having said that, cats cannot physically smile like humans do, Popyk argues. “They do sometimes make a facial expression that may resemble a smile, but this is not actually a smile.”

“However, cats may indicate their contentment through facial expressions such as purring, squinting their eyes, and holding their mouth in a relaxed or slightly open position,” she added.

Now for all the feline owners, we have some good news. It is indeed possible to learn to read your cat's facial expressions, Popyk argues, although the expressions may differ slightly from one cat to another.“

To learn to read your cat's facial expressions, observe their behaviors and body language when they are both content and upset. Look for patterns in their behaviors and facial expressions as they interact with you and with other animals.”


You can do so by “paying attention to the shape of their ears, the position of the tail, and the movements of the whiskers. Additionally, watch for changes in the coloration of the fur. A scared or agitated cat may have fur that stands up on end. Cats also express a wide range of emotions through their eyes, including relaxation, curiosity, or fear,” Popyk explained.

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“For example, when your cat is angry, they may narrow their eyes slightly and flatten their ears. If they’re happy, they may have relaxed eyes and a gentle smile.”


If you’re having difficulty understanding your cat’s expressions, Popyk’s advice is to spend more time observing your pet’s behavior. “If possible, consult a qualified vet or feline behaviorist for more advice. You can also always get in touch with a licensed vet 24/7 via Vet Online service.”

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