Amazon sellers have been experimenting with AI for a number of years now, but the company clearly wasn't keeping an eye on the mischievous bot that recently had its way with their 'phone accessories' section.

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My Handy Design, whose creator is still unknown, was a bot programmed to fetch frequently searched images, turn them into iPhone 6 cases, and put them up for sale. The bot's algorithm somehow went rogue, however, and began scouring images so bizarre that we can only assume they came from the darkest, most depraved corners of the Internet. Whoever set this thing loose is either nursing a giant migraine right now, or rolling on the floor laughing.

Before long, My Handy Design had created thousands of phone cases displaying everything from marinated herring rolls to cocaine, and customers were having a field day in the reviews. Though most of them have now been flagged as 'adult products,' we're sure they're still going to be outselling OtterBoxes any day now. Check out some of our favourites below, and vote for the ones you're dying to have.