Glass artist Jodi McRaney Rusho wanted to avoid contributing to the landfill. One day after a party she thought” What if I recycled used bottles?” That is when she started fusing bottles and turning them into amazing works of art, house items and jewelry.

People not only got fascinated with her objects and collecting them, they also wanted to learn how to recycled their own bottles.

So Jodi started teaching people how to recycled bottles and broken windows. It was a nice extra income for a local artist but then Jodi found local Art’s Course Streaming company Curious Mondo.

Curious Mondo has a fun format where it live streams courses to over 27 countries. People can interact and ask questions to the instructor right there and then as well as interact with other peers. The amount of knowledge and experience exchanged in the courses is incredible.

The vast audience encompass professional artists, aspiring artists, hobbyists, teachers, retirees looking for some extra income and community leaders that pass the knowledge to their community giving them new options.

Jodi conquered the World! Her courses are extremely successful and viewed by thousands of people. Her captivating and fun personality makes learning a new skill a very enjoyable process.

Jodi knows she is not only impacting people’s lives by giving them new skills, she is creating new possibilities of income to many all around the country.

When she sees the thousands of people interacting and watching her she says: Not bad for a girl from Panguitch,Utah, I reach ten times more people in an one hour class than my town’s population!

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